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Muse is one of my favorite bands and it’s always a joy when they come to town. They’re an amazing live band and the stage tends to be almost as exiting to shoot as the band themselves. It’s always a really professional, high-end production; but also a tad predictable. So before the gig, I went to and figured out what songs I would be shooting. The photographers were placed at the end of the cat walk, so I figured it would be a soundboard (FOH – front of house) equivalent shoot, wich was a bit disappointing. However, after looking at a couple of cell phone videos from previous concerts, I saw that vocalist of Muse, Matthew Bellamy, at one point in the first song would run down the catwalk and slide on his knees down to the end.

So, while the other photographers were mounting long tele-lenses and extenders, cursing how far we were from the main stage, I attached a 17-40mm (which I’ve later replaced with the magnificent 16-35mm) and just waited (feeling somewhat like a dumbass, since I wasn’t shooting). About one-third into the song Plug In Baby, Bellamy did his thing, and I got the shot I wanted. It goes to show just how important doing proper research can be, especially at bigger shows, like this one.

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EXIF: Canon 5D Mark III with 17-40mm at 17mm, ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/2500 sec.


I barely touched the shot in post. I did lighten the whole shot a bit since it was slightly underexposed, but other than that, I only added some contrast and very lightly dodged and burned it.

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