How I got the shot: Primordial

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The Couch

The story behind this photo is more or less exactly the same as with the previously featured Nifelheim shot. Same year, same festival – hell, even the same room! Primordial being a very different band, I did approach the look a bit differently. I stepped back and used the 24-70mm instead of an ultra wide-angle. I had even less time with Primordial, so I wanted to use the most versatile lens in my kit, as there was no time to change around lenses. I got a friend to stand on the couch holding an Ezybox with a 580EX II (with a tungsten gel) at camera right and triggered it with the wireless transmitter. The whole thing was done in less than two minutes, right before the band was about to play.

Use the slider to see before and after

RAW conversion

In Photoshop

EXIF: Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 24-70mm, 580EX II (+ tungsten gel) and Ezybox 40×40 at 46mm, ISO 320, f/8, 1/80 sec and 0 EV


The initial editing of this photo in ACR, was just getting some contrast (and, of course, turning it black&white) and brightening their faces some with the adjustment brush. The real work here was done in Photoshop. After a little dodging and burning, I used this technique to mask the band out from the background and put them on a completely black background (I also replaced one of the guitarists face with one from another shot, as the smirk didn’t work with the tone I was going for). Then I used the Photoshop plugin Exposure 6 by Alien Skin to add the texture. Lastly, I added some noise to give the photo a more gritty feel.

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