How I got the shot: Zebrafish embryo

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This was shot for a story on some researchers at the University of Bergen that were doing experiments on zebrafish to see what effects toxins in seafood can have on humans. They raised hundreds of zebrafish and to do their research and this is one of the newly laid eggs. Since the egg is transparent, you can see straight into the tiny little zebrafish embryo waiting to hatch. To get the shot (the egg was less than 1mm) I actually just shot through the eye socket of a microscope that the researchers had at their lab. I had done something pretty similar once before for the album cover to The Sleeper by In Confesso, so I knew, taking the case, that I could make it work as long as the researchers had a microscope, which they naturally had. It was a challenging, but fun story to do, combining two of my favorite subjects: science and journalism.

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EXIF: Canon 5D Mark II with 24-70mm at 58mm, ISO 2500, 1/60 sec.


After cropping away the edges of the microscope, I corrected the white balance and lifted the exposure a bit, as the shot was a little underexposed. Then I pulled up the highlights to make the background a bit more even and burned the darker parts of the embryo to make it stand out more.

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