Shoot like a butterfly – Maria Mena at Ole Bull Scene

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Seated concert

First gig after the mind-blowing Blastfest was something quite different. Maria Mena is an artist I’m not too familiar with. I’m aware that she’s played a lot on Norwegian radio, but I couldn’t name one single song. It was classic singer-songwriter stuff, so not my favorite genre to shoot as I like a bit of insanity on the stage, but it was fun none the less. The lights were wonderful, if a bit dark, keeping me at ISO 5000 at all times. A seated concert, so good shooting spots were limited, making the photos a bit similar, but the work of the lighting technician more than made up for it.


Move away!

If there is one thing I really can’t stand while shooting concerts, it is being noticed by the audience (or even worse, bothering them). Since this was a seated concert, I had to hover around in between the audience. Doing this kind of work, I generally rely on the 70-200mm and crouch down wherever I can fit for about 30 second intervals and then move to another spot, always keeping an eye on who’s behind me. At a gig like this, so I’m constantly thinking “you’re in someone’s line of sight. Get the job done and move the hell away!”. It has to be said, when shooting a concert like this, the silent shutter function of the 5D Mark III is worth its weight in gold! At this particular venue there is, luckily, a balcony, so whatever you missed at the floor level, you can get from there behind a curtain. Even so, I didn’t spend more than a couple of songs getting the pictures. I think I had the promoters blessing to shoot the whole thing, but I could never use more than the absolute minimum at a gig like this. It’s just rude, in my opinion.

Maria MenaGiven the conditions, I’m quite satisfied with the results. As mentioned, the lights were wonderful, so getting good shots of Maria and her band wasn’t too difficult. The only thing I didn’t get, was shots of the venue and audience, as it just was too dark, even at 1/3s shutter. I’m sure I’ll get another try in not too long.


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